The group name of Rhp.HC-type davits represents the pivot davit systems for the handling of fast rescue boats, with turning-out/in on hydraulic power. The systems are very low-build and combine a low weight with an extreme low centre of gravity. The systems are in full accordance with the present SOLAS-rules and are MED-certified.

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  • Stool suitable for welding to deck adapted to the deck situation.
  • Arm in box shape construction.
  • Fast rescue boat winch with centrifugal brake and hydraulic motor with variable displacement.
  • Hydraulic system with accumulator, pressure control system and full automatic wave compensation unit.
  • Electric system with starter box and pushbutton box for on-deck use.
  • Wire rope in galvanized (anti-corrosion) non-rotating steel.
  • Shock absorber integrated in the arm.
  • Stabilzer guiding arms to prevent oscillation of the craft.