Hemilight 3 Automatic lifejacket light

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The choice of cruise lines worldwide, the ACR Auto HemiLightâ„¢3 flashing survival light attaches to almost any style life jacket to safely meet USCG, MED and SOLAS requirements.

Smaller than other approved lights, the HemiLight 3 features rounded edges to maintain the integrity of inflatable life jackets. Attachment loops accommodate up to 5 cm (2 in) wide webbing, and the marine tough design ensures years of useful service.

The high-intensity flashing LED light automatically activates for 20+ hours when it comes in contact with salt or fresh water, and can be deactivated simply by pushing the red button. Installation is quick and easy. Available in two configurations: the HemiLight 3 offers a basic strobe mode which can be activated either manually or automatically.



Water activated


SOLAS Approved


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